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Michelada Recipe – Cajun Style

My Cajun Michelada recipe! Try this hot mama at your next crawfish or crab boil. I live in Texas now, but am originally from Louisiana. This means for every recipe I come up with, I also have to create a Cajun version. I

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Michelada Clamato | How To Make A Michelada With Clamato

The Clamato Michelada is the staple go to recipe. I am not a very huge fan of tomato in my beer, but some folks are, so I thought I would include this recipe for all you weirdos out there. Clamato is a

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Mambo Michelada Recipe

Mambo Seafood is a restaurant that began in the Hispanic neighborhoods in Houston Texas. There is also now a location in Dallas. They serve both American and Latin seafood dishes. But I’m not here to talk about their food. Mambo

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Authentic Michelada Recipe

I first found this authentic michelada recipe on one of my trips to Cabo San Lucas. This is  the best real Mexican Michelada recipe. I will only be listing genuine ingredients so you might have to do a little searching to find them.

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Authentic Mexican Michelada

Are you looking for a deliciously authentic Mexican Michelada recipe? Here is one I have found that they serve at a few Mexican restaurants in Killeen Texas. La Margaritas on Fort Hood Street has one of my favorite Michelada recipes. They have some pretty great food

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